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Our Value Proposition: Self Adhesive Foam Panels specially designed for Easy Installation - JUST PEEL AND STICK!

Our Motto: Soundproofing Products designed just for you

Douglas Prime, founded January 2, 2017, offers the finest in quality soundproofing products. Our products are custom made and designed to meet your specific soundproofing needs. We also offer you the option of ordering your foam paneled products without adhesive!

Easy peel and stick Application! Self Adhesive Foam Panels specifically designed for easy installation!! Great for Vocal Booths, Control Rooms, and Theaters. ORDER TODAY!

25 kg Density! - High density panels that offer the finest in quality soundproofing. Our products are custom made and designed to meet your specific needs. We also offer you the option of ordering your foam paneled products with adhesive layered backings. Looks great on WALLS AND CEILINGS! (Take a look at the drum set picture on our "Check Out" page). Try our fantastic foam panels out today!

GUARANTEED TO REDUCE SOUND! Made of High-Quality, High-Density, Engineered Durable Foam. These units is made of high-quality and high density foam that is made to absorb sound effectively. they are durable and long lasting, ensuring that your foam stops unwanted reverberations from monitoring your music properly. Make the move TODAY to reduce unwanted noise and Start "Sounding" better today! Try us out risk free!

We also offer a unique Value Proposition. Our "Peel and Stick" Adhesive Layered Backings eliminate the need to purchase additional accessories that would definitely be necessary to mount your foam panels. 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON ALL OF OUR ORDERS!! Order our Adhesive Soundproofing Foam Panels today and start enjoying the sound benefits immediately!

Some of our acoustic foam panels also feature a classic “wedge” shape that reduces reverb, sound waves, fluttering echoes, and residual sounds. Designed to spot treat a professional or home recording studio, commercial or home office, rehearsal space, or home theater, but are also easy to shape and cut for other uses. These panels are not made for complete soundproofing: Although they will improve sound quality and insulate sound in a room, they will not keep your roommate from knocking on your door after you play the opening riff to "Smoke On The Water" for the fifth consecutive time. However, you will notice less people on your video conference call telling you to put your phone on mute because they can hear your kids talking to their friends in the background—still not a good idea to open that Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chip bag next to the mic, though. This product comes in 12 panels that are 1 inch thick with a height and length of 1 foot, covering an area of 1 square foot each tile. The depth of this foam, at 1 inch, provides better soundproofing over large areas. Thin foam, over a large area, has less of a chance of distorted and muffling the sounds reverberation. The uniform wedge design helps to trap airborne noise while alleviating flutter echo and slap back. This foam is ideal for spot-treating production studios also. ENJOY YOUR BEAUTIFUL FOAM PANELS!


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